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Let's Play DUO!

Take a journey through multiple worlds to explore new challenges and solve mind-stimulating puzzles. To advance, stay concentrated and remember each move you make.

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How to play?

Tap on each card to reveal their value. Find the pairs and try not to get distracted by the increasing amount of obstacles!

Memorize and catch the pairs to reach the goal

1 - Memorize each card and find all the pairs to solve the puzzle

Try to capture the most pairs in a row to earn a maximum score

2 - Find the most pairs in a row to get the highest score

The longer the chain of cards will be long easier it will be to find the pairs

3 - Reveal hidden straights. The longer the straight, the easier it is to find more pairs

«DUO! - A memory game designed
for kids from 5 to 95»

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More than 80 levels

The puzzles are based on the classic game of memory with innovative features
making each level more engaging and amusing.

Lots of bonuses

Good memory and concentration will lead to new levels packed with bonuses making your experience even more fun and unpredictable. As your skills become more advanced, watch what happens. Cards get shuffled, blown up and frozen. Literally! No worries, there are also boosters to help you along the way for when the journey gets a bit too rough.

Collect them all!

You will collect cool badges as you advance. Try your best to collect them all and brag to your friends about your skills. Share your accomplishments online with your friends and family by connecting to Facebook.

«DUO! - A refreshing reinvention
of Memory»

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