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    Instruction of 3A Identifier

    Source:Natergy Author:Natergy Release time:2015-07-23

    (Ⅰ) Basic working parameter
    1. Temperature: 150℃   2. Voltage: 220V   3. Medium: water
    (Ⅱ) Application
    Identify molecular sieve 3A or 4A
    (Ⅲ) Instruction
    1.   Take out the identifier body and its lid, lay flat on the workbench respectively.
    2.   Inject water into the cooling tube until the tube is full.
    3.   Connect latex tube to outlet of measure tube and then inject water into the measure tube through latex tube until the peak level is up to the 0 level of measure tube. Finally take out latex tube.
    4.   Take 30ml samples, put all the samples gently into the measure container of identifier.
    5.   Screw down the lids and the body tightly, and then put a small vessel (such a dixie cup) under the outlet.
    6.   Switch on the current then the red and green bulb indicator will shine which indicates the identifier is under good condition. As the temperature goes up, water will continue to flow out of the outlet.
    7.   When the inner temperature reaches 150℃, the green bulb will go out. After 30 minutes, there will be water in the small vessel, then read the value on the measure tube. The value is the volume of gas desorption.
    8.   Lower gas desorption, better quality of molecular sieve 3A. If the gas desorption is ≥50ml, it must be mixed with molecular sieve 4A.