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    How to differentiate 3A and 4A?

    Source:未知 Author:admin Release time:2016-01-09

    It is a hot question for clients: .3A and 4A have the same appearance, they are all much affinity to water. The only difference in performance is that 4A adsorb nitrogen and 3A does not.
    Because the price of 3A is higher than 4A, many clients worry about that some suppliers will offer them 4A instead of 3A.
    In fact, the common method to identify 3A and 4A is to test the content of elements in the products with flame photometer in the lab. The theory is as below: 3A is made from 4A, if 40% Na+ were exchanged by K+, 4A molecular sieve would have become into 3A molecular sieve. Flame photometer is using this difference to test K+ content.  
    For the convenience of our customers, we have invented a handle 3A identifier to distinguish 3A and 4A, this method identifies 3A and 4A by testing the nitrogen adsorption capacity, this device is handle and can distinguish 3A and 4A within 15 minutes, we can supply this device to our distributors and help them detect fault IG desiccant.