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    How to choose insulating glass (IG) desiccant?

    Source:未知 Author:admin Release time:2016-12-17

    1)  The resident moisture of molecular sieve should be as low as possible. This would give IG an extreme low dew point level (much lower dew point, more drier reached). It is the only function for desiccant to keep the air in the panes of glass to be very dry (a very low dew-point ), any other desiccant such as active alumina, clay desiccant, silica gel, lime or any other adsorbent can not reach to such dry level whereas molecular sieve can. Delta T value test would give a rough indicating for variant drying level of different desiccant above. Under ideal condition, molecular sieve can reach - 80 ℃ dew point; it will keep IG at -60 ℃ dew point at the whole life-span of IG.
    2)  The dust of molecular sieve should be as low as possible, this would keep the glass clean and transparent, and also, it would give the work shop environment of IGU clean and healthy. If the dust drop of IG desiccant is high, it would cause IG dirty, and make it impossible to be cleaned again, because the dust have already been sealed in and bad quality molecular sieve would release dust continuously, this would become a real annoying problem.
    3)  Molecular sieve should not adsorb any air component other than moisture. This would protect IGU from distortion caused by temperature changing of weather.
    4)  Also, molecular sieve should have enough crushing strength and low abrasion, this would protect the sieve less dust generating and the bead not crushed after long-time transportation or filling process. Natergy desiccant gives lower dust level and fewer crushed beads at the end of delivery site. You can find the appearance is quite different from others only after a glance.
    5)  The moisture (water) adsorptive capacity (MAC) of molecular sieve should be good enough, this parameter tells how effective of molecular sieve desiccant, please notice the MAC should show the relative humidity conditions of testing. If relative humidity is high (say RH=60% or above), though the MAC is good, it will not mean the molecular sieve is certainly good, only when the MAC is still high at low relative humidity (say RH=10% or below), we have to say the desiccant is really good. MAC parameter is very important, because it tells how long the IGU made with such desiccant would last.
    Delta T Value will give rough general quality information of IG desiccant. It reflects water adsorption capacity, the resident moisture content, the adsorption velocity. Generally, higher Delta T value shows better quality result. Please notice that different test method gives different results of delta T Value.